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Women weigh in for cricket in Wailevu

Women weigh in for cricket in Wailevu

Following the successful pilot model of the program staged in Dravo on Viti Levu, the aim of the program is to create awareness about the factors that contribute to non-communicable diseases in the high-risk category of middle-aged women.

Today the women underwent their first full medical screening, testing their Body Mass Index (BMI), blood glucose levels, blood pressure, and waist circumference, with their cholesterol also to be measured in the coming weeks. The women were then educated about what their measurements meant, and how it was important to try and keep them between certain levels to improve their quality of life, and also help them from developing any non-communicable diseases.

After the inaugural project in Dravo in 2013, Cricket Fiji saw extremely positive results, including 45.5% of participants losing weight by an average of 3.2 kilograms, 43.2% participants decreasing their waist circumference by an average of 11.8 centimetres, and 34.1% of participants lowering their BMI by an average of 1.4 BMI points. Continue reading

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We Are Looking For The Best Cricket Bloggers On The Internet

Being a cricket fan is like being part of a special club or religion. The game which is played in whites and loved by fans across the world is one of the most storied sports on the planet. Countries as diverse as India and Australia have had their place at the top of the cricket world to the delight of their followers in their home countries. The West Indies, England and South Africa have also been kings of the cricket universe on both an international and regional level. We are looking for the best cricket bloggers on the internet – for our site. We want you to communicate your love for the game on our site with content that will show people that you know your stuff – inside and out. Please feel free to reach out to us by email @ or on Twitter @ Getrealcricket.

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Cricket Fiji announce Men’s National Squad

Cricket Fiji has announced it’s Senior Men’s National Squad at the Fiji National Sports Commission’s Boardroom this morning.

In total, 24 players were named, 18 of which are based here in Fiji, and from this squad 14 players, plus four non-travelling reserves, will be selected to represent Fiji at the International Cricket Council’s East-Asia Pacific region’s regional qualifiers for both the 2016 Twenty20 World Cup Qualifiers, and re-entry into the World Cricket League, which will be held in Lismore, Australia this coming November.

Up to 18 players from this squad will also be selected for the Senior Men’s Tour of India, which will be in October in 2014.

The selected players will now commence an intensive 12-week program, starting with strength and fitness testing with Henry Elder and the National Gymnasium this coming Saturday. Continue reading